earringlover.com offers a specialised online platform for earring businesses located in Australia and New Zealand that sell handmade or locally made earrings.

To be approved as an earringlover.com business, users must complete a verification process that satisfies earringlover.com that they are a genuine small business whose main product is handmade or locally made earrings.

earringlover.com offers a niche directory that allows users to browse confidently that all businesses listed are genuine, local independent earring businesses.

earringlover.com is dedicated to offering its users a directory of businesses that will never be infiltrated by any business that sells mass produced, cheap and nasty earrings or any products created outside of Australia or New Zealand.

earringlover.com will not accept any business that sells any type of mass produced earrings or earring related products.
This includes businesses that sell “designed in Australia - made in China” type products. If the product was “made” outside of Australia, even if the original design is Australian, this is not a business that will be eligible to represent itself on this website.

Earrings and any earring accessories must be independently made and unique in nature and businesses whose earrings do not match this description will not be approved, or if previously approved will be removed without warning and the business’s listing will be removed with no refunds offered, if any monies paid.

If you outsource any part of your earring making or design you must be transparent about this process in your application to us. 
Businesses who create products using non handmade materials must be able to verify where they source their materials from and if they are not sourced locally and are the main part of your earring designs, your business will not be accepted. 

Any changes to your process that may change your eligibility to list on this website must be advised to us so we can review your listing and eligibility status.

earringlover.com reserves the right to refuse any application they deem as unsuitable to be listed in our directory. It is our right to choose which businesses we want to include in our directory.
Reasons we may not approve your business or your business may be removed:
• You have multiple bad reviews on various selling platforms
• earringlover have been made aware that your business sells earrings that are similar or direct copies of another business listed on earringlover.com
• The earrings you sell are found to not be handmade or locally made in Australia or New Zealand
• Your main business product you sell is not earrings
• Your product was located on a chinese wholesale site such as DHgate, Wish, Alibaba or AliExpress
• We cannot find an active online presence of your brand on social media (minimum requirement is to have an active Instagram account)
• You are not following @earringlover_ on Instagram
• You are from a country outside of Australia or New Zealand

Earring businesses that have purchased an annual membership and it is discovered they are not in fact eligible will have their business listing and any associated features removed without warning and the business’s account immediately removed without warning or notice to them. No refunds will be provided.
If a business is unsure if their business will be approved is advised to complete the application process but should not make payment until an email confirmation is received from earringlover confirming acceptance of their business to join earringlover.com
Earring businesses who are found to have misrepresented their business or fabricated any part of their application to falsely represent their business will be immediately removed and banned from earringlover.com.
It is at the discretion of earringlover.com to remove any earring business who we deem as not eligible to be listed on our website.
The decision to remove a business from the earringlover.com website is final.
earringlover.com has a one strike policy. If an earring business is found to be selling earrings that don’t adhere to our requirements they will be permanently banned from listing their business on earringlover.com and blacklisted with no recourse to open a new account, under a new business name or as a new user. This is to ensure the integrity of the platform and to allow users a continued positive experience on earringlover.com.

Earring Business’s Responsibilities:
Once approved, businesses are responsible for managing their own account and keeping information up to date on their listing and personal profile.
It is important that you ensure your categories, keywords and services you offer are all correct and if you make changes (e.g stop offering a particular style of earring) to your business products that you update this information immediately. If your business appears under categories or keywords not relevant to your business you risk your listing and account being removed from earringlover.com.
Your email address must be up to date as this is how we verify you. Emails sent to us to make changes to your account that come from an address not linked to your listing will not be processed. For privacy reasons we cannot give any personal information to any third party. 

Businesses must have the right to use all images uploaded to the site for commercial purposes, including any images they post to their Instagram page that are viewable on earringlover.com.
By uploading images to earringlover.com, this is granting permission to earringlover.com to use these images for reasonable promotional activities, including, but not limited to, email marketing, public relations campaigns and press releases, remarketing, social media marketing and other digital and print marketing campaigns. This includes permission to crop or otherwise edit images to improve their visual appeal for the above promotional purposes.

Adding additional directory listing features:
All businesses on earringlover.com have access to a basic directory listing which includes the following features for FREE:
2 image uploads, website link, unlimited categories, unlimited keywords, Instagram link, Payment Method, Custom Order Status, Collaboration status, Business Location, Free Shipping Status.

$50 Annual membership fee
An annual fee of $50 per year is payable per 12 months of membership.
Non payment of the annual fee on its due date will result in cancellation of a business listing and any purchased additional features will also be cancelled.
There is no refund of the annual fee or for purchased additional listing features if a business membership is cancelled.

New Applicants
Due to the manual process involved in checking and approving new business members, if a business applies to be listed and does not complete the membership process by making their annual fee payment within the time frame specified by earringlover.com, their business will not be able to reapply to be listed for a period of 3 months from their application being received.
If the business reapplies at a later time and again, does not complete the process in the time frame specified by earringlover.com, their business will be blacklisted and will not be able to make any further applications to be listed.

Additional directory listing features:

Businesses can add additional features to their listing by purchasing additional features here: https://earringlover.com/businessaccess/additional-features/
Each feature is charged with a once off fee, meaning that the extra feature will be added to your business directory listing and is available for the life of your listing on earringlover.com

Additional directory listing features can be purchased here: https://earringlover.com/businessaccess/additional-features/
Additional features are generally processed within 48 hours when purchased between business hours which are 8am AWST - 4pmAWST Monday to Friday. Purchases made outside of these hours will be processed within 48 hours of the next business day.
Cancelling your listing on earringlover.com also cancels all your purchased features permanently.
No refunds are offered for cancellation of any additional feature product.

Directory Categories:
Categories must be relevant to your business. To ensure the search functionality works correctly, it is important that businesses do not add their business to categories that are not relevant to their business.
earringlover.com performs random authenticity checks and may remove categories from your listing if we find that they do not reflect your current product offerings. If you are offering an earring style temporarily, it is your responsibility to ensure that the category is removed once you no longer offer it. Regular issues with your business categories can result in removal from the site.

Search Keywords:
Think of keywords as additional to your categories to help your business be found by someone looking for something more specific.
We recommend adding your business name, instagram handle, location and category names at a very minimum. You can use unlimited relevant keywords to describe your business including a string of words. To separate keywords you need to put a , between each keyword or keyword string. e.g: acrylic, acrylic earrings, glitter, glitter earrings, dangles, drops, drop earrings, etc etc

IMPORTANT: Keywords used by you must be relevant to your business and not used as a fishing tactic to come up in more search results. If you add keywords that do not relate to your business, you risk your business listing being removed if it is found to include too many non relevant keywords.

Non relevant keywords are words that do no associate with your business products. E.g if you do not make acrylic earrings and add the keyword 'acrylic' to your listing, this is considered inappropriate and can lead to your removal from the site.

Submitting Events to earringlover
earringlover.com shares *most* events submitted via the @earringlover_ Instagram page "Get Shared" stories highlight.
earringlover only shares events on Instagram from businesses listing on earringlover.com and that are earring related.
To ensure fair use, you cannot submit more than 7 events per 7 day period. 

Christmas Gift Guide Product Terms:
By purchasing this product you understand that you cannot choose where your product is showcased in the guide. The gift guide will include a number of special features including pairing some submitted earrings with products from small fashion brands including Little Party Dress, Shuturp, Kablooie, Topknot Girl and Scarlettbird. Earrings that are showcased on these special feature pages are selected by earringlover and cannot be  purchased or requested.
Images submitted must be of a high quality - no dark, shadowy images. Image should be clear and not blurred and cannot contain any text, watermarks or borders.
If an image submitted does not meet our quality standards then we may request a new image or earring product image to be submitted. If an acceptable image cannot be supplied, your purchase will be refunded and your business may not be included in the Gift Guide. 
Please check the information you send carefully including website links as earringlover.com cannot be responsible for misdirecting its users to broken links.
earringlover.com does not supply stats to businesses on link clicks (overall visits and overall link clicks will be supplied at the end of the campaign period).
earringlover.com does not claim that by participating in the Gift Guide that you will increase sales, followers, likes or make any new connections to benefit your business.

Deleting your account:
A business can have their account removed from earringlover.com at any time by submitting a cancel request here: https://earringlover.com/cancelrequest/
Deleting your account removes all your listed information on earringlover.com and once the cancellation has been processed this information cannot be restored.
If you have purchased any additional directory listing features these will also be removed and cannot be recovered if you reinstate your account in the future.
Lifetime features are for the life of a listing and when you cancel a listing this is ending the lifetime period of the listing.

If at anytime you would like to remove your personal details from our database, or you have any queries regarding our Site Terms or Privacy Policy, please contact us using the Contact Us form.

Copyright Claims Against you or any of our listed businesses

For details on how we manage copyright claims made against you or any of the businesses listed on earringlover.com please read our Copyright Policy and Claim Process

Check these Terms & Conditions regularly:
We reserve the right to alter these Terms and Conditions at any time. Please check these terms and conditions regularly as your continued use of this website after any changes to these terms and conditions indicates your agreement to be bound to these terms and conditions of use.

Site Terms:
When using the site you are bound by our site terms. View them here: https://earringlover.com/termsofuse/
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