Feather Earrings
Businesses listed here sell earrings that include feathers
8mm Silver plated bezel studs and clear backings with eco friendly resin in white with feathers.   Includes a gorgeous individually crafted Hill tribe silver leaf charms which are made from 97-99% silver, a higher content than sterling. Hill tribe charms are individually crafted by tribes in Thailand using traditional Thai techniques making each item unique.  Feathers are a combination of emu and quail all ethically sourced.   Each piece is handmade, making it unique and organic. No two pieces will ever be the same and will vary from the image.   All my pieces are made using an eco friendly resin that is a USDA certified bio-based renewable material sourced from waste streams of other manufacturing products, reducing our carbon foot print.

Love your Tribe

New South Wales
Announcement: Beautifully handcrafted eco resin, sterling silver and breastmilk earrings inspired by nature
Feather Earrings 
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